My Crafty 2013

Lavender bouquet

This year I decided I will go “crafty”, I know I am a bit late for new year resolution, but is better later than never, so here I am. There is now a lot of talking about recycling, upcycling and all these stuff, and I am really starting to get into it.

I have done some crafty things in the past, but I have never considered any option for reusing old materials.

Now, just to get slowly into the idea of making things, I decided to start with a very simple project, and then giving it to someone else to actually make it. I know, this shouldn’t count has my project but hey, I have to start somewhere.

The idea first came when I bought a nice lavander bouquet at the Twickenham Farmer’s Market.
I decided to hang the bunch upside down to dry the flowers and later putting them in some cotton bags.

The drying part was quite easy, the problem is my sewing skills are a Zero minus so I outsourced this part to my mum, who happens to own a sewing machine and being more skilled that me.

I asked her to use some trimming instead of buying some fabric just for this purpose.
I am very please with the result and I am using this little lavender bags to give my drawers and clothes a nice smell (plus it keeps moths away).

I am now thinking of trying to grow some lavender myself, and this might very well be my next project, who knows?

Lavender bags

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