Hello, my name is Samantha, I am a graphic designer, a creative thinker, a dreamer. I love every the design form, from print to architecture, and I consider myself  very lucky to be living in London, one of the greatest city of the world.

Since the early years of my career I couldn’t stop thinking what would have been like to live and work in this great city. I am here now and it feels great, every street is inspirational and I have the chance to meet other like minded designers, share ideas, thoughts and visions.

I am a positive person and I am always at the search of the next best idea, my inspiration comes from the world around me, from the travels I made, from the food I ate.

If you are reading those lines, that means you are interested in what I do and who I am, so make yourself at home, and have a look at my portfolio, and feel free to send any feedback, or chocolate, they will be both much appreciated.

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